It seems that “business starts picking up” about this time every year.  There are increasing opportunities for spiritual growth, development, and fellowship.

Along with our own schedule here, some of us have already made quite a few trips in 2013.  Our bus and some of our own vehicles have been put to use for good purposes.

This week, however, we get to take advantage of two opportunities very close to home.  One, in fact, is right in our own building.

This Friday night, it will be our privilege to host our annual singing.  If previous years are any indication, song leaders and those who love to sing will join us from western Kentucky, southern Illinois, and even parts of Tennessee.  We might even have one or two from southeast Missouri.  We have in the past.  It promises to be a wonderful night as we do our best to honor our Creator and Lord with “…psalms and hymns and spiritual songs” (Eph. 5:19).

Then, on the very next day, we have the opportunity to make the short drive to Briensburg for their annual Leadership Workshop.  They had a wonderful idea a few years ago.  Instead of encouraging people to drive a long distance to a quality lectureship, they brought a quality lectureship to western Kentucky.

This workshop has proven to be a highlight of the year for several years now.  I’ve asked Sandy to put a copy of the schedule as an insert in the bulletin.  I think you’ll be impressed with the “lineup” of speakers and the subjects to be discussed.  (I kind of wish I could hear the speakers for the ladies’ sessions myself!)

One unique feature of this year’s workshop is that there will be a “tie-in” with the area-wide gospel meeting.  As some of you already know, we are changing some of our strategy concerning advertising this year.  Part of that reason is purely economic.  We just do not have the funds to advertise on WPSD throughout the year as we have in the past.

Another reason for that decision, though, is that Daniel Howell, who preaches in Metropolis, IL has some exciting and innovative ideas about “getting the word out” in other ways.  In fact, his ideas will hopefully help us to reach people throughout the entire year.  His ideas also will connect individual congregations to the overall effort.

Daniel is scheduled to present his ideas during one of the “light bulb sessions” at the Leadership Workshop.  I know a little about what he has in mind and what he’s already put into place.  I’m excited about hearing his dream for how the entire plan can unfold.

I hope you’ve already got your calendar marked.  I hope to see you Friday night at our building for the singing and Saturday for the workshop.


Jim Faughn