The following links are provided to help you study the Bible. Each link is to a free website (though some have products for sale within the site), and we have provided a short summary of what to expect when you visit these sites.

Blue Letter Bible. This site provides you with the opportunity to search for any word or phrase in the Bible for free. In addition, you can take the time to find out definitions of Biblical words, and find out how often specific words or phrases are found in God’s Word.

Bible Hub. Bible Hub features hundreds of word study tools, as well as commentaries and other materials that are in the public domain. There are also free atlases, Bible reading plans, and other materials available for free.

Apologetics Press. This organization offers thousands of articles on various topics for free. Their site is fully searchable by topic. As their name implies, most of the materials deal with apologetics (creation vs. evolution, inspiration of the Bible, etc.), but you will find many other topics covered also.

Christian Courier. Started in the 1950s as a print publication, Christian Courier now has thousands of articles on their website for free. The site is fully searchable, and will help you study many Biblical passages and topics.

The following are other sites that are not “research based,” but that provide solid, Biblical content online that you may find encouraging and helpful. This internet radio station streams lessons, singing, and devotionals 24/7 for free. Central is proud to support this good work, and you can listen anytime you are online.

The Light Network. Podcasts are a great way to learn the Bible. The Light Network (TLN) is a family of podcasts that are all based on the Bible, but cover a wide range of topics. From preaching to book reviews, from parenting to subjects of interest to Christian women, you can likely find a program to enjoy for free at TLN.

Kaio Publications. Kaio (“light”) produces many great resources designed to help families study the Bible. Their flagship item is iLuminate magazine, which is a free magazine that is delivered to  your digital device, and is designed for teenagers. Every member of the family can find many items to help their faith from this faithful organization.

Gospel Broadcasting Network. GBN is a 24-hour television station, providing Biblical content at all hours of the day. However, you may also watch their stream online at no charge.

In addition to these resources, the Central Church of Christ also provides Polishing the Pulpit 365 for all our members. This resource is provided to all of our members for free, and is an archive of over 700 videos and thousands of audio recordings of sermons and classes presented at Polishing the Pulpit each August. Central members, if you do not remember how to log in to this resource, please contact the office, and we will be glad to assist you.