Leadership in the Church of Christ is divided between three different roles: elders, deacons, and ministers.

One group of functional leaders which God placed within the church is described by three different terms in the New Testament. We usually call them “elders” (Titus 3:1), but two other terms used in the New Testament to refer to this group and the work they do are “overseer” (I Timothy 3:1) and “shepherd” (I Peter 5:1-2).

In part, we know the responsibilities of the elder/overseer/shepherd by how these terms were used in New Testament times. The title “elder” indicated someone who by reason of experience and wisdom were recognized as community leaders and examples. The word “overseer” (or “bishop”) suggested a manager or administrator. It carried the idea of someone who was a “steward”, that is, someone who was responsible for making sure that jobs get done and that the general welfare of the community is provided for. And finally, the word “shepherd” (or “pastor”) indicated a person who cared for the well-being of others. It suggested the idea of being responsible for protecting and providing for others.

Two clearly marked lists of qualifications of the elder/overseer/shepherd are found in I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. The purpose of both of these passages is to show us the kind of leaders God wants us to have. We are blessed to have three men like these shepherding our congregation.

Bryant Beames
Bryant Beames
Jim Faughn
Jim Faughn
John Miller
John Miller

At Central, we are blessed to have a wonderful group of deacons. Like elders, deacons are a special class of functional leaders in the church. We know this because, like elders, the New Testament presents a list of qualifications that must be met before one can serve as a deacon (I Timothy 3:8-13). Further, the text makes clear that these men must maintain these qualifications to continue in this special area of service.

The name “deacon” literally means "a servant" and suggests that they are assistants who serve under the supervision of the elders/overseers/shepherds. Their responsibilities are quite varied as they carry out many different types of service, including, but certainly not limited to, ministering to the needy, visiting the sick, caring for the church’s property, and assisting at worship. Presently we are blessed with six very conscientious deacons at Central.

Pictured below are our six deacons: Ryan Conn, David Dodd, David Graziano, Hank Pollard, Greg Sanderson, and David Schulte















Our ministers are, first of all, servants of Christ and His people (Romans 15:16; Philippians 2:25). They fulfill this role through the proclamation of the Gospel and daily Christian living (1 Timothy 4:1-16). Our ministers serve publically as a spiritual resource to the local congregation and community (Acts 24:23, 26:16).

Adam Faughn

Adam began his work with Central on July 1, 2018. He came to Central after preaching in Nashville, Tennessee (Lebanon Road Church of Christ) and Haleyville, Alabama (9th Avenue Church of Christ). His favorite style of preaching is to take a text and let it speak for itself.



Adam is married to the former Leah Moon. They met at Freed-Hardeman University and have been married since 1999. They are blessed with two children. Mary Carol is their adopted treasure and Turner is their God-given surprise. Leah homeschools their two children. Adam is the son of a preacher (Jim Faughn; former minister at Central), his wife's brother is a preacher (Jason Moon; Waterview Church of Christ, Richardson, TX), his brother-in-law is a preacher (Jeremiah Tatum; Willow Avenue Church of Christ, Cookeville, TN), and his father-in-law served as an elder in Alabama for about 30 years.


Adam is a graduate of Freed-Hardeman University, where he received a B.A. in history in 1999 and a Master of Ministry in 2003.


Before moving into the pulpit, Adam was a youth minister for about 10 years, and he still loves helping young people. He enjoys reading and keeping up with the world of sports. His goal in life is to reach heaven and to help as many others receive that eternal blessing as well. He enjoys writing and, along with several members of his family, maintains a family website, A Legacy of Faith. His favorite books of the Bible are Job, John, and James.