Those two words seem so inadequate, but they are as heartfelt as any two words could ever be.  There is just no way to express all that is in our hearts.

Those two words, “thank you,” were all I could say as Bryant gave us those “special envelopes” last week.  The sentiment that prompted that expression of your love for us means more than you will ever know.  We just hope that you know a little of our love for you.

It is for that love that we have for you that I thought of a lot of other things I could have said.  The emotions that welled up within me would not allow me to say them, though.

There are so many ways in which you have been a blessing to us during the past (almost) fourteen years.  I’d like to mention just a few things that have to do with family.

First, thank you for the family atmosphere we noticed when we visited Central during the years we worked for Freed-Hardeman.  It was obvious then that this was a special place.

Second, thank you for accepting us into your family all those years ago.  You made us feel “from day one” that we were loved and welcomed into this special family.

Thank you, too, for how you have treated our physical family.  To somebody who might be uninformed, it would appear that our children grew up here and that our grandchildren worshiped with us on a regular basis.  You’ve made Central feel like home to some people for whom it never really was home.  Parents and grandparents notice things like that and are very thankful for that.

The same thing could be said for how you treated Donna’s parents and an aunt and uncle when they were members here.  Not only did you welcome them as you welcomed the rest of our family, you also mourned with us at their loss and made us feel as though our loss was also your loss.

As some of you know, we love the song, God’s Family.  We also love being a part of this portion of His family.

Thank you for giving us that privilege, for all you do, and for all you mean to us.


Jim & Donna Faughn