We Thank God for You!

For the past year and a half, we have made Paducah our home.  Without hesitation, we can clearly say that Central has played an irreplaceable role in making Paducah our home.  We have walked into worship assemblies where no one greets you or you feel unwelcomed for whatever reason.  Central, from the first hint of your reputation, has made it apparent that you love the Lord and each other.  We are honored to share in that reputation.

Your generosity is known by this minister and many brethren.  You welcomed Elizabeth and me with handshakes, hugs, and encouraging words when we first visited.  When we moved, you welcomed us again with consistency and even provided a work crew to help us unload the moving truck.  We still have items from the “pounding” you gave us that we have not finished using.  Now you have shown your overwhelming generosity again with your gift last Sunday.  We cannot thank you enough for all that you do, who you are, and the Lord we serve.  Thank you for caring about our physical needs.

We truly thank God for Central!  Your Christian example did not end with physical needs.  As we suffered personal loss, with the passing of Elizabeth’s grandmother, you showed your support and care through cards, hugs, and various expressions of thoughtful concern.  One of you even traveled all the way to Memphis to attend the visitation, leaving an unforgettable impression on our family.  Thank you for caring for us emotionally.

What trumps all of this, however, is that our Central family constantly encourages us in a heavenly direction.  You care for us spiritually.  There is no greater gift than Jesus Christ.  We share in His ministry together.  We cannot wait to grow in our love, appreciation, and spirituality with you over the next several years.  We love Central, and we know Central loves us.  May God bless our journey together!

-Robert and Elizabeth